Are you making things better or worse?

Street Art: stenciled arrow on pavement with text “Better Days Ahead”
Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

We all fail.

Or screw up. Or forget to do something…important.

We fail/we pass.

The leadership questions we face in life are about choices; the answer is whether (or not) we act or raise our voices to impact the eventual outcome.

What do you stand for, or what will you accept?

[insert Hamilton to Burr line here — “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”]

Better or Worse? Negative or Positive? Good or Bad? Right or Wrong?

Which side are you on?

Life is hard, really hard right now.

No matter how good or bad it used to be for you and yours, all of us* are doing worse.

It is nearly impossible for me to keep up with ‘everything’ right now.

My writing here is deeply personal and (mostly) about my actions & behaviors, but it also is about how all humans work.

When they are better and worse.

Leadership is speaking out and acting up when something isn’t right; it is seen in those that take action to make things better for all of us*.

Which side are you on?

It’s easy to gauge; are you making things better or worse?

That’s your side.

Is it better because of what you do and say? Did you help?

Good, that’s the right answer.

Why do I study my strengths?

By discovering the patterns found in our talents & strengths, we develop the ability to know and understand both sides of a situation with enough clarity to make high-quality decisions.

At these choice points, we display our strengths by consistently delivering positive outcomes with an over-sized impact — we make a difference in what occurs to us and others.

There are always two opposing sides in any conflict; leadership is found in decisions made at the balancing point.

I love to think about how we move on life’s journey — our version of a ‘Hero’s Journey’ into the unknown future, making our way among obstacles, perilous situations, and maybe a few epic battles.

Forever challenged to move forward, go backward, sink or swim, and shift right or jump to the left.

Your strengths are a compass, a map, and a reliable measuring stick.

With them, it’s a better journey.

Be you; be better.

*”…all of us…” is subjective and does not include every single human, as some are actually doing better (in some measurable way) during the pandemic, just as there are humans that seem to regularly take action to make things worse for others.



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Chris Soucy

I want everyone to be a leader in their own life, primarily by knowing and using their innate talents and strengths.